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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Education at Beverly Hospital 

Clinical Supervisor
John C. Pearson, D. Min.
Director of Chaplaincy
978.922.3000, ext. 2791 

The Beverly Hospital Clinical Pastoral Education Program is accredited by:

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103
Decatur, GA 30033
404.320.1472 [voice]
404.320.0849 [fax] 

  • What is Clinical Pastoral Education at Beverly Hospital?
  • Ministry with people and learning from that ministry through reflection, discussion and evaluation with other students and your supervisor.
  • Utilizing verbatim, case studies, and other ministry descriptions to present your ministry for supervision.
  • Focusing on what is happening to you, the caregiver, as much as what is happening to the people receiving your ministry.
  • Understanding theological issues arising from experience.
  • Learning from the behavioral sciences while reflecting theologically, so that you draw from both in understanding the human condition.
  • Thinking about groups and social structures as well as individuals in defining your ministry.
  • Being part of a dynamic learning group with other students and your supervisor, which provides opportunity for mutual supervision, care giving, challenge and appreciation. 

What Does CPE Prepare A Person To Do?
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) serves as a part of preparation for parish ministry, chaplaincy, lay ministry, teaching and counseling. A student' s learning contract may be focused toward integration of theological, psychological, and pastoral insights into pastoral functioning for parish work. Or the contract may be designed with a career goal of chaplaincy or pastoral counseling in mind. CPE at Beverly Hospital helps the student develop the capacity for the pastoral and spiritual care of individuals, families and systems. Many theological schools require one unit of CPE as a part of a theological degree program. Other schools accept a year of CPE as the required intern year of ministry for a theological degree program. CPE at Beverly Hospital is accredited to meet these requirements. Students who have completed one or more units of CPE may focus on areas of specialization in ministry. 

Where Will I Be Ministering?
Beverly Hospital offers a variety of opportunities to minister to persons in the areas of: 

  • Cardiac Care
  • Crisis Care-Intensive Care Unit & Emergency Medicine
  • Long-Term Elder Care
  • Maternity
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics

Areas of particular interest and specialization may be discussed during your admissions process interview or with your supervisor. 

What can I expect from the CPE Learning Environment?
CPE at Beverly Hospital helps the student develop a learning environment that is supportive, stimulating and safe, and one which makes the risks of interpersonal learning and growth worth taking. Providing a safe learning environment with opportunities to grow in faith and confidence in ministry is the hallmark of the Beverly Hospital CPE Program. The Essential Elements in the Beverly Hospital CPE Program include:

The actual practice of ministry to persons
Detailed reporting and evaluation of that practice
Pastoral supervision
A process conception of learning
A theoretical perspective on all elements of the program
A small group of peers in a common learning experience
An individual contract for learning 

What is the Tuition?
The tuition for a unit of CPE at Beverly Hospital is $950, payable on the first day of the program. Tuition for academic credit may be paid directly to your seminary. There is an application fee of $25 for CPE at Beverly Hospital. 

How Do I Apply?
Application for CPE 

  • Complete an application and mail it to Chaplain, John C. Pearson at Beverly Hospital.
  • Arrange an admissions interview with Chaplain Pearson, who will consult with you regarding your goals for learning in this unit.
  • Upon acceptance into the program, begin to formulate your individual learning contract.
  • Develop your individual learning contract around the learning goals of:
  • Pastoral Reflection-reflection on one' s self as a person and a pastor in relationship to persons in crisis, the supervisor, and peer groups as well as the curriculum and institutional setting.
  • Pastoral Foundation-focus on personal and pastoral identity issues in learning and ministry.
  • Pastoral Competence-deepening and unfolding of competence in pastoral function, pastoral skills and knowledge of theology and behavioral sciences. 

We also offer Pastoral Specialization, focusing on the student's desire to become competent and knowledgeable in a particular area of ministry, such as oncology, urban ministry, parish ministry and hospice ministry.

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