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About Us



"Convenient access to affordable, high-quality health services is important to every resident of the North Shore. We want and expect the best in our hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We are working to achieve this by building philanthropy for our hospitals, outpatient centers, behavioral health and long-term care facilities. Please join us in supporting this important mission."

Frederick G. P. Thorne, Donor, Former Trustee

Investing for Quality and Excellence in Healthcare

The Philanthropy Office works to maximize philanthropic support for Addison Gilbert Hospital and Beverly Hospital. You and your family or company can make the difference in assuring that precious health care resources are preserved for generations to come.

The Board of Trustees is scrupulous in their stewardship of the community's health care assets. They work diligently to serve the public interest and to respond to community needs. In turn, they look to resourceful members of the community to be generous and steadfast in their philanthropy.

Real progress has always come, and must continue to come, through the charitable giving of the community. We invite you to learn more about our programs and ways that you can help provide high quality health care and treatment to thousands in the community.

Please explore this site and find out ways that you can support health care in our communities.