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The Friends of Beverly Hospital


About The Friends

The Friends of Beverly Hospital (formerly known as Beverly Hospital Aid Association) have a rich history on our North Shore.  Since 1910, The Friends have been here at Beverly Hospital.  From the day it began, through today, 100% of what The Friends of Beverly Hospital raises goes to the programs and initiatives it supports.  Through the years, the contribution made by The Friends has deepened, grown and evolved with the times.  Their mission has changed as the Hospital's needs changed.  Today, The Friends of Beverly Hospital is a dynamic organization of men and women from all backgrounds and professions, who share a common goal -- an unshakable dedication to creating and supporting programs and activities that enrich the indispensable community resource that is Beverly Hospital.

Accomplishments Over The Years

Through 2011, The Friends have raised over $1,600,000 for Beverly Hospital programs and projects.  In recent years, a vast sum of money has been raised by The Friends for major hospital building and renovation projects, including the Main Lobby, Emergency Room, Maternity, the Special Care Nursery, the Critical Care Unit and the Department of Radiology.

The Friends and Connecting Young Moms

Since 1996, The Friends of Beverly Hospital have proudly supported the Connecting Young Moms program.  This hospital-based program provides comprehensive pre-and post-natal programs to young women who have limited resources, and in many cases, also lack social and emotional support.  They come to the program having experienced many of the challenges that poverty and young parenthood bear.  In addition to the financial support, The Friends provide these young women with warmth and caring that truly nurtures them as they learn to nurture their babies.

The Friends and College Scholarships

In 1964, the Elizabeth Torrey Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established.  Through this Fund, The Friends provide annual scholarships to numerous applicants.  These scholarships are integral to a student's ability to obtain a college degree.  Recipients are high school students who have volunteered a minimum of 100 hours at the hospital and plan careers in human health care.  Many students have benefited from the $296,000 awarded since inception, more than half of that between 1999 and 2011.

The Friends Would Appreciate Your Support

By becoming a member of The Friends, you will have the opportunity to help support the programs and services of Beverly Hospital.  You will make a difference in the quality of health care delivery in your community and in the lives of those it serves.  For more information or to become a member, please call 978 922-3000, ext. 2307.




What The Friends Do

  • Act as Community Ambassadors
  • Support and Provide Financial Assistance for Beverly Hospital Projects, Programs and Events
  • Award College Scholarships
  • Plan, Sponsor Fundraising Events
  • Sponsor Employee Appreciation Holiday Events