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Level II Special Care Nursery

Specialized Care for the Newborn 

When a newborn comes into the world needing specialized care and attention, nothing is more important to parents than knowing that you and your baby are in the best of hands. At Beverly Hospital, you are. 

Beverly Hospital's 12-bed, Level II-B Special Care Nursery (SCN) provides advanced medical care and exceptional family support in a warm and caring environment. Our team of Boston Children's Hospital neonatologists, nurses experienced in all aspects of newborn intensive care, respiratory therapists, social workers and other professionals are exceptionally qualified to meet the medical and emotional needs of newborns and their families. 

Our young patients include:

  • Babies, twins and triplets who are born prematurely and need extra time and care to grow stronger
  • Babies who need special monitoring, continuous observation and/or medical interventions
  • Babies who need assistance breathing until their lungs develop further
  • Babies who have received specialized care and have been stabilized at Boston Children's Hospital who need additional hospital care closer to home
  • Babies with health issues who were born at a Boston hospital and are stable enough to stay in our Special Care Nursery, close to home, until they are ready to go home with their parents  

At Beverly Hospital's Special Care Nursery, we have developed a number of resources and amenities to make the family experience as comfortable as possible. We consider parents and other family members as important members the care team. In fact, many parents come to think of our staff as part of their extended family and stay in touch long after their baby has gone home.

Special Amenities and Services

At Beverly Hospital's Special Care Nursery, we know how difficult it can be when the newest member of your family is in the hospital. It is important for you to spend as much time as possible with your baby and to participate in his/her care. Our nursery area and our services are designed to keep you close to your baby, facilitate bonding, help you feel confident when it is time to take your baby home, and give you a strong support system for as long as you need us. 

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) 

Beverly Hospital's Special Care Nursery is the only place on the North Shore approved to administer continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to newborns. CPAP is the most advanced technology available to treat premature newborns with respiratory problems. Our ability to provide this treatment on-site allows these newborn to stay here in Beverly, close to home, instead of being transferred to Boston Children's Hospital for this specialized treatment.

Eye Exams

Premature and underweight babies are at risk for a condition called retinopathy of prematurity. If the development of the retina is disrupted, blood vessels can grow abnormally. This abnormal blood vessel growth can lead to a number of complications. At Beverly Hospital's Special Care Nursery, all babies who are at risk for this condition are examined by our ophthalmologists. When diagnosed at an early stage, retinopathy of prematurity can be treated and parents can receive the information they need regarding the baby's future eye-care needs. 

Hearing Screenings

All infants in our newborn and special care nurseries undergo hearing screenings administered by the nursery staff. When a screening raises concerns, or if risk factors for hearing loss are present, further testing is needed.  Beverly Hospital audiologists conduct specialized testing called non-sedated auditory brainstem response diagnostics in infants who may have hearing loss. If hearing loss is present, the audiologist continues to work with parents to identify available resources and plan the next steps in their child's care.


Most new mothers look forward to providing for their baby's nutritional needs by breast-feeding. Breast-feeding a baby who is in the Special Care Nursery often presents unique challenges. The baby may not be able to latch on just yet. Medical equipment may make breast-feeding impossible for a period of time.  A mother may not be able to be at the hospital for all of the baby's feedings. 

At Beverly Hospital's Special Care Nursery, mothers have easy access to an electronic breast pump. This helps mothers whose babies are not yet ready to breast-feed maintain their milk supply and allows mothers to store breast milk for feedings when she cannot be at the hospital. Every newborn bay in our nursery has its own refrigerator for storing pumped breast milk. 

Our certified lactation consultants are available in the hospital seven days a week to help mothers learn how to breast-feed and how to use a breast pump. These consultants are also available to work with new mothers after the baby has gone home.

Staying Close, Staying Involved 

Our Special Care Nursery is more of a suite than a single nursery area. It includes a special family area - complete with a couch that converts to a bed, a television, an aquarium, and a bathroom with a shower - that can serve as your home-away-from-home, keep you close to your baby, and eliminate the burden of commuting to and from the hospital. 

Our patients' parents also have full computer access, which provides the opportunity to look up medical information, access email, and keep in touch with other concerned relatives and friends.   



Ivana Culik, MDIvana Culic, MD, Interim Medical Director Special Care Nursery Program 

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