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Northeast Health System, Inc. Associates

Vision - Leadership - Support 

The Associates of Northeast Health System (NHS) listed below, are an integral part of the continued success and viability of the organization.  Their commitment to their communities along with their knowledge of the North Shore and what makes it unique is critically important to helping make NHS and its affiliates stronger and more valuable to those who use its programs and services every day.

The mission of the NHS Associates is to provide community vision, leadership, comment and support for the overall mission of Quality, Caring and Community at NHS.  The Associates support NHS in their respective communities and help build continued awareness of the programs, service and high quality care provided by Northeast Health System.

Ms. Susan Ambrozavitch Mr. Patrick Thorpe
Donna R. Barnard, MD Mrs. Charlotte L. Dodge
Frank S. Carbone Jr., MD Mrs. Marion M. Frost
Mr. David Dearborn Mrs. Rosie Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Neiland J. Douglas Jr. Mr. James L. Bildner
Mr. Michael J. Harrington Mrs. Laura Cutler
James S. Hewson, MD Mrs. Caroline Lee Herter
Mr. William F. Howard Dr. and Mrs. William J. Otto Jr.
Mrs. Lois M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bucknam Jr.
Mr. R.T. Paine Metcalf David C. Cormier, MD
Mr. Ralph E. Parisella Mr. Norman J. Macaulay
Mrs. James (Adeline) B. Polese Jacob S. Kriteman, MD
Mr. Joseph W. Walsh Jr. Mr. George W. Nash
Mr. Richard Wylie Ed.D. Mr. Timothy A. Ingraham
Mrs. Susan W. Thorne Mrs. Diana B. Richardson
Mr. Frederick G. P. Thorne Mr. Philip E. Chalmers
James R. Brown, MD Mr. Charles H. Clark
Mr. Robert C. Buell Mr. William T. Kozak Jr.
Mrs. Mary E. Eisenhauer Mr. James M. Perry, CPA
Mr. Wayne H. Eisenhauer (Clerk) Ms. Carol L. Powers
Mr. Joseph A. Fanale Mr. Stephen F. Dexter
Mrs. Myrna S. Fearer Mr. Richard R. Gourdeau
Mr. John J. Keohane Jr. (Vice Chair) Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wiltshire
Mr. Wayne P. Marquis Mr. Jonathan W. Blodgett, Esq.
Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Crowley Mr. David F. Jaquith
Mr. David A. Cutter Mr. Forrester A. Clark Jr.
Mr. David A. Doane Ms. Nancy J. Luther
Mrs. Sally O'Maley Ms. Gretchen L. Marks
Jonathan Schreiber, MD Mr. Leslie S. Ray
Mrs. Teresa Gove F. Arnold Mr. Glenn F. Campbell
John R. Dainton, MD Mrs. Koula Frangos
Mr. Anthony Gross Mr. Peter A. Hersee
Mr. Thomas M. Lattof Mr. John C. Kelleher III
Mr. Chester B. Marcus Mahesh M. Patel, MD
Mrs. Eileen M. Matz Mr. Ernest M. Santin Jr.
Mrs. Carol Morse Ms. Nancy Schwoyer
Mr. Paul Richardson Mr. Brian C. Tarr (Chair)