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Community Collaborative Grant

Request for Proposals 

Northeast Hospital Corporation (NHC) seeks to address health concerns through a grant initiative, the Northeast Hospital Corporation's Community Collaborative Grant.  NHC requests applications for funding that relate to one of the main focuses of the Community Health Needs Assessment.  These include the following:

  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Chronic Disease Management (Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer)
  • Access to Healthcare Services

In October 2012, NHC will allocate up to $40,000 in grant funding to support innovative initiatives that are designed to:

1. Promote mental and behavioral health education, prevention, and early intervention.
2. Improve chronic disease prevention (as it relates to diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart disease) and promote healthy lifestyles.
3. Publicize available health resources and activities in the community.

A letter of intent to apply for a grant is due October 19, 2012.