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Community Health


Improving Community Health

Beverly Hospital and Addison Gilbert Hospitals are committed to improving the health and well-being of residents throughout our Community Benefits service area.

One way we emphasize our commitment to community health is through our community health needs assessments. We conduct these assessments every three years to help us identify the most important health issues facing area residents and guide our plans to address them.

Information and Community Input

Knowing how to respond to a health need is easiest when we know the people in the community and the issues that affect them. We depend on extensive information and community input when deciding where to focus our health improvement efforts.

To determine these needs, we look to demographic data such as age, income and health status of area residents. The firsthand knowledge and experience of community members are also crucial. To gather this information, we:

  • Compile public health data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Public Health
  • Host community forums and focus groups
  • Interview community leaders and local officials
  • Review hospital data
  • Survey area residents to understand their perceptions of health

Forming Implementation Strategies

After we spend several months gathering information, Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospital's Community Benefits Advisory Committee, a group of external and internal health leaders, will prioritize areas of focus, such as elder health or mental health and substance use. Then we work to create programs and outreach efforts to address needs within that area.

We can’t do this alone. Because we involve the community in the process,  we welcome and rely on other organizations to support our efforts. We partner with agencies that work with populations we’re targeting to develop solutions and work to improve life for everyone in the area.

We track our results to measure our success and make the results public each year as part of our Community Benefits Program reports.

Past Assessments and Reports

You can view our most recent Community Health Needs Assessments, including our Community Health Implementation Strategies and Community Benefits Program reports, here:

2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment


For information, please contact: 
Grace Giambanco Numerosi
Regional Community Relations Manager 
Location: Beverly & Addison Gilbert Hospitals 
Office: 978-381-7585

Community Resource Guide

This Community Resource Guide was developed to highlight community health and social safety net resources available to the community.  The cities and towns within Beverly and Addison Gilbert Hospitals community benefits service area are listed.

2019 Beverly Hospital Community Resource Guide

Community Resource Button 2014