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Community Health Needs Assessment

Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts and Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester, Massachusetts are two of the North Shore's leading health care facilities and are dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of those living in North Shore and Cape Ann communities. The hospitals are part of Lahey Health System, Inc. (LHS), a vertically and horizontally integrated network of hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, health and social service agencies, and community-based primary care and specialty care. LHS is recognized for the care and services it provides to residents throughout the North Shore and Cape Ann area and is committed to ensuring that a full continuum of high-quality, coordinated health and human services are available to those who live in its primary and secondary service areas. The hospitals, in close partnership with its affiliates, other health-related service organizations, and the community at-large, strive to develop programs and services that address community need and improve the area's overall health status.

To support this commitment, LHS hired John Snow, Inc. (JSI), a nationally recognized public health consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive community health needs assessment for the communities on the North Shore / Cape Ann and particularly those that are part of Addison Gilbert and Beverly hospital's primary service area. The overall goals of the assessment were to identify the major health care needs, service gaps, barriers to access, and health priorities for those living in the region. As part of the assessment, JSI compiled quantitative and qualitative information from a broad array of sources. By informing and motivating the communities involved in the assessment, LHS is eager to build collaborative relationships, leverage existing community resources, and encourage community dialogue. Ultimately, the purpose of the assessment was to facilitate the development of short and long-term strategic plans to guide the health investments for the North Shore and Cape Ann communities.

Below is the executive summary and data table and sources for the region. Each city/town's summary, data tables and leading health status indicators are available by clicking on the city/town in the right-hand column.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Resource Guide

This Primary Care Community Resource Guide was developed for social workers, physicians, and other clinicians as a helpful tool to assist with making referrals both within Lahey Health and to community providers. Each city and town within the Lahey Health service area is listed along with its unique and specific community health and social safety net resources.

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