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Resources to Quit Tobacco 

Resources to Quit Tobacco

Many organizations offer information, counseling, and cessation programs to help quit tobacco. For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of organizations that can be of assistance in helping you to quit smoking/tobacco products.

Lifestyle Management Institute
Telephone number: 978-304-8020
Address: 480 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01923
Behavior Modification: Freedom From Smoking Program, $125 for 8 sessions
Hypnosis: Individual Sessions, $75.00 for Initial and $35.00 for follow up.

Lahey Health Tobacco Treatment
Call the Lahey Health Tobacco Treatment Line: 781-744-QUIT (7848)
Get Tobacco Treatment Resources

Practitioners available throughout North Shore, $50- $70 per session

American Cancer Society*
Telephone; 1-800-ACS-2345 (1-800-227-2345)
Internet address:

American Heart Association*
Telephone: 1-800-AHA-USA-1 (1-800-242-8721)
Internet address:

American Lung Association*
Telephone number: 1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872)
Internet address:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention*
Internet address:

"Mad Russian" Yefim Shubentsov
Telephone: 617-232-3930
Address: 1680 A Beacon Street, Suite 201, Brookline, MA 02445
Three hour classroom session to curb tobacco cravings, $65

Massachusetts Smoker's Quitline*
Telephone: 1-800-879-8678
Internet address:

National Cancer Institute*
Internet address:

Nicotine Anonymous
Telephone: 1-877-TRY-NICA ( 1-877-879-6422)
Internet address:
Support to gain freedom from nicotine, Free

Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Over the counter nicotine patches or gum, $35-60

Quit Net*
Internet address:

Quit Works*
Telephone: 1-800-879-8678
Internet address: www.

Ready, Set, Stop through WebMD
Internet address:
10 sessions online stop smoking program, Free to Blue Cross Subscribers

United States Surgeon General
Internet address:

* Free confidential services providing information to help quit.