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Joint Replacement


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At Beverly Hospital, our surgeons perform over 1,600 joint surgeries a year, including procedures on the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle. Our team applies the latest proven techniques and technologies in their medical and surgical approaches, including complex revision orthopedic surgery and minimally invasive techniques.

We offer a seamless continuum of care — consultation, Pre-Hab, state-of-the-art surgery, and excellent post-operative care and physical therapy — all close to home.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Beverly Hospital offers patients robotic surgery as an additional surgical option for total knee replacements. Robotic surgery allows our highly trained orthopedic surgeons to personalize your treatment, while improving the accuracy of placing your knee implant.

The benefits of robotic surgery include:

  • Better placement of the knee implant
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Lower risk of complications after surgery
  • Shorter stay in the hospital
  • Smaller incisions during surgery with less scarring and blood loss

If robotic surgery is appropriate for your situation, patients can expect to have a series of X-rays to create a 3D model of your knee. This 3D model will help our team prepare for your knee replacement surgery.

During surgery, the robotic system has a camera and optical trackers that will be attached to your leg. It is like a global positioning system (GPS) for legs. It keeps track of your legs, so if your leg moves even a fraction of an inch, the robot can sense it and adjust.

New England Baptist Orthopedics Program

Patients undergoing hip, knee, and shoulder replacement surgery at Beverly Hospital also benefit from the New England Baptist Orthopedics Program, whose care model has proven to:

  • Reduce complications such as surgical site infections and hospital readmission
  • Improve care coordination and patient outcomes
  • Enhance preparation for surgery
  • Increase patient satisfaction

We have adopted dozens of evidence-based protocols and procedures from New England Baptist Hospital, and have completed a comprehensive validation survey by their team of experts. Patient benefits include:

  • Nurses, therapists and staff specially trained in orthopedic care
  • Nurses, therapists and case management working with each patient to ensure optimal preparation before, during and after surgery
  • A care team that follows dozens of established clinical practices that are proven to improve outcomes, such as getting you moving within a few hours of surgery and preventing infections with pre- and post-operative protocols

Most of our patients can go directly home instead of to a short-term rehabilitation facility. The typical length of stay at Beverly Hospital for joint replacement is under three days.

But what also sets Beverly Hospital apart is how we prepare our patients and their families and manage their care from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring your health and well-being and supporting your recovery and rehabilitation.

Learn more about your joint replacement Personal Care Plan at Beverly Hospital.

Preoperative Care

At Beverly Hospital, we have several ways to ensure you are well prepared for your joint replacement. The first step is our Joint Learning Class, where you learn about your procedure and what to expect.

We are also proud to offer "Pre-Hab," a unique, free program for patients undergoing joint surgery. This program allows you to interact one-on-one with trained staff to better prepare for surgery and the physical therapy that follows your procedure.

Team Approach to Recovery

Following your joint replacement, you will have the strength of an entire team behind you, including:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Rehab technicians
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Care coordinators

Learn more about our Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

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