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Emergency Services

Fast Track at Beverly Hospital 

For care of minor medical emergencies, nothing gets you in and out faster than Fast Track at Beverly Hospital.

  • Open afternoons and evenings everyday.
  • Staffed by Emergency Medicine clinicians and nurses.

Best of all, should your problem turn out to be not-so-minor, you are already in Beverly Hospital and we can take care of whatever problem you are having.

All emergency rooms triage patients by severity of illness or injury. This means life threatening injuries or illnesses get prompt attention. It also means less serious illnesses and injuries sometimes need to wait.

At Beverly Hospital, we have created a separate "track" for high volume times to help reduce, maybe even eliminate that wait for less seriously ill patients. Fast Track is dedicated to treating you quickly. We take care of those minor, but painful injuries or illnesses fast... using the same quality care and state of the art technology you expect in our Emergency Center.