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North Shore Birth Center


Some women choose to get their prenatal care and give birth with the assistance of midwives at North Shore Birth Center (NSBC) on the campus of Beverly Hospital. NSBC opened its doors in 1980 as the first free-standing birth center in the Northeast. Today, the midwives of NSBC continue to provide holistic, individualized health care to women with low health risks.

Childbirth At NSBC

NSBC offers a home-like environment in a quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly space, with full access to a kitchen, living room, outdoor garden and deck. Midwives support the progression of labor. Non-medication methods are used for pain management. Large birthing tubs are available for use during labor and for water births.

You may also chose a NSBC midwife for prenatal care and deliver with her assistance at the hospital. Some women deliver at the hospital for medical reasons, for personal preference or for additional pain management options. Nitrous oxide and epidurals are available if you deliver at the hospital.

Please note that only those midwives who are affiliated with Beverly Hospital’s North Shore Birth Center can attend deliveries at the NSBC.

After childbirth at NSBC, you may choose to be discharged home in 4-12 hours or transferred to Beverly Hospital for a postpartum stay of 24-48 hours. As part of Beverly Hospital, NSBC accepts most insurance, and will work in consultation with OB/GYN physicians and other specialties as needed.

Healthcare At NSBC

When you make an appointment at NSBC, you can expect to be heard, seen, and given options to take ownership of your own health. Our services include:

  • Yearly physical exams from the teen years through menopause
  • Screening for breast and cervical cancer or sexually transmitted infections
  • Reproductive health care (contraceptive, pre-conception, prenatal, or menopausal)

For More Information

If you are interested in knowing more about the services of NSBC and touring the facility, we encourage you to attend an orientation. Please call 978-927-7880 to register.

North Shore Birth Center
on the campus of Beverly Hospital
85 Herrick Street
Beverly, MA  01915