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Pain Management Center

Expert Help Reducing or Managing Pain Symptoms 

Unresolved pain is often a quality of life issue. Activities once enjoyed may no longer be possible. After countless doctors' visits and a myriad of approaches to managing or alleviating pain, many give up — feeling that they have tried everything and have no choice but to live with their pain. But there is a choice: The Pain Management Center at Lahey Outpatient Center, Danvers. The Pain Center is designed to help you manage or reduce your unresolved pain symptoms, enhance your day-to-day functions, and improve your overall quality of life.

Pain Management Care from Board-Certified Specialists

At the core of the Pain Management Center is a team of experienced health professionals from multiple specialties dedicated to caring for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain. The Pain Center's physicians are board certified in pain medicine. Additional members of the team include specialists in psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, and wellness and disease management. Care is coordinated by your specialist and an individual care plan is designed for each patient. Together and in one convenient location, the Pain Management Center team ensures that every possible avenue is pursued when treating and managing a wide variety of pain-related conditions.

An Extensive Array of Pain Treatment Options

The Pain Management Center offers an extensive range of treatment options including interventional procedures performed in a state-of-the-art interventional procedure suite, rehabilitation, medication management, alternative therapies, counseling, support and education. Individual treatment plans include one, some or all of these services, and are revisited at regular intervals and modified as needed.

Becoming a Patient

Individuals living with chronic or acute pain should talk with their primary care providers to discuss possible treatment at the Pain Management Center. When a referral is appropriate, the primary care physician fills out a referral form and faxes it to the Pain Management Center. If a referral is not needed, you may contact the pain center directly. After it is received, a member of the center's staff calls the patient to schedule an appointment.

At the first appointment, the patient meets with a Pain Management Center physician who is board certified in anesthesia and pain medicine, or the pain management nurse practitioner and or physician assistant.  Together, they develop a treatment plan that includes referrals to all of the specialists whose services are appropriate for that individual's needs. All diagnostic and treatment services are provided in one convenient location at the Pain Management Center and appointments are coordinated by the center's nurse practitioner.

Remember to ask your primary care provider to be referred to the Lahey Pain Management Center in Danvers.


The Pain Management Center accepts most health insurances and HMOs. Most plans require a referral from your primary care provider. Check with your health insurance company regarding your coverage and co-pays if any.


Pain Management Center
Lahey Outpatient Center, Danvers
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Danvers, MA 01923

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