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Unrestricted gifts may be given to Northeast Health Foundation and will support areas where our healthcare needs are greatest, including critically important anual programs, equipment, and capital and facility improvements. Gifts may be restricted to one or more of the affiliates of Northeast Health System or may be earmarked for special purposes as designated by the donor.

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There are many special occasions to remember those we admire and Love- Memorial Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day, a graduation, birthday, wedding or anniversary. Then there are those times of sorrow when we loved one or friend is lost. To express your admiration and love for a loved one or friend or to remember someone who has died, you may make an honor/memorial gift to Northeast Health Foundation. Not only is your gift a thoughtful remembrance, but it will help to ensure excellent choices in healthcare and the ongoing development of innovative programs and services which will be available to you, your family and your neighbors should the need ever arise.



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