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Patients & Visitors' Guide

Inpatient Information 

What to Bring . . .
To make your stay comfortable, all you need are a few personal items:

  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • Bathrobe
  • Slippers
  • Toiletry items, including toothbrush

Any toiletry item you forget, we can supply. Hospital gowns are available, but you may be more comfortable in your own pajamas.  If you use a walker or a cane, please label it clearly and bring it with you.

Your bathroom is equipped with an emergency cord if you need assistance.  Pulling the cord signals the nurses' station and summons help to your room.

Your bed is specially designed to ensure comfort and safety.  Each bed contains side rails for your protection; please do not try to lower the rails or climb over them.  Don't take unnecessary chances, ask your nurse for help in getting up and out of bed.

Electrical Equipment
You may bring small, battery-powered appliances such as razors and radios.  Electrical equipment can be hazardous unless properly grounded, so the use of personal electrical equipment is prohibited.  The hospital electrician can approve special equipment as safe.  Please ask the unit secretary on your floor to make these arrangements for you.

Identification Bracelet
Each patient receives an identification bracelet.  This bracelet allows hospital personnel to positively identify you.  It protects your health and safety.  Please keep this bracelet on your wrist throughout your stay.

Pediatric Patients
We understand the special needs of our younger patients, and welcome and encourage parental overnight stays.  Feel free to bring your child's favorite toy or comfort item labeled with his or her name.  We do everything possible to help comfort and relax our young patients.  If there is anything you need, please contact your nurse.

Medications should not be brought from home.  Your physician will prescribe any necessary medication from the hospital pharmacy.

Smoking Policy
In keeping with our health promotion philosophy and commitment to a clean environment, smoking is prohibited within and on the campuses our hospitals.

Televisions are provided in each room for your enjoyment.  Television captioning is also available for the hearing impaired.  You can activate this feature by pressing and holding the "caption" button on the front of your TV.  The word "caption" will appear on the TV screen when it has been activated.

You may wish to keep small amounts of money for newspapers or personal items, but cash and other valuables should be sent home or deposited in the hospital safe.

Your Room
Your room contains most of the items necessary for a comfortable hospital stay.  Your nurse will explain the controls for the bed, lights, nurse call system and television.